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SCI- Inland Empire Chapter

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Chapter President: Sean West


Sharon Ensley 

Tom Allen - Curt Mclam - Max Eckhardt


Brian Nutley

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Larry Maddux

1st Vice President

Jason Neumiller

​It is important ​that future generations have opportunity to enjoy the wilderness and wildlife we are privileged to experience through our passions.

I have such a love for life and thoroughly enjoy being a part of Inland Empire SCI.  The volunteers, the families that support our causes, the community I am proud to live and work in, are reasons I chose this chapter of dedicate time and energy to.  I look forward to our membership growing and our efforts reaching more of our community. 

Previous Presidents!

2nd Vice President

Jeff Siems 

Since 2000, SCI Foundation, has provided $60 million to promote science-based conservation through wildlife research, youth and teacher education, and humanitarian programs that prove the importance of the hunting community worldwide.  

Growth of SCI Foundation has continued to gain momentum through charitable donations and grants from members, chapters, and the SCI organization.  SCI's approximately 170 chapters contribute time, talent and financial support to local, national and international projects.

  • Since 1979, SCI has spent nearly $400 million on hunter advocacy and wildlife conservation.

  • Since 2000 along, SCI has spent $200 million protecting the freedom to hunt.

  • SCI's Washington, DC office includes attorneys and wildlife biologists working 24/7 on behalf of all hunters.