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Mission & Vision

To support & promote ethical hunting practices as a major benefit for wildlife conservation and mans sustainable reliance upon wildlife.


We want your help. Whether it's working on our projects, or collecting donations, we need you. Join in the fun, the hard work, and the great satisfaction of giving back to your community in multiple ways .

community projects

Whether it is our New Shooters Day, our Sportsmen Against Hunger Drive, or other support to our local community, Inland Empire SCI strives to offer help where needed.

It is important that future generations have opportunity to enjoy the wilderness & wildlife we are privileged to experience through our passions.

I have such a love for life and thoroughly enjoy being a part of Inland Empire SCI.  The volunteers, the families that support our causes, the community I am proud to live and work in, are all reasons I chose this chapter to dedicate time and energy to.  I really look forward to our membership growing and our efforts reaching more of our community.